Welsh technology helps save Egypt's oldest pyramid

Wednesday 13 July 2011, 15:22

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Airbag technology developed by a Welsh company has helped to save Egypt's oldest pyramid.

Giant airbags have stabilised Djoser pyramid, a 4,700 year old structure that was damaged by an earthquake in 1982, and was in danger of collapsing from the inside. The step pyramid was built as burial place for the mummified body of Pharaoh Djoser who reigned for 19 years.

Speaking about the specialist structural engineering needed to stabilise the roof, Peter James boss of the Newport based company called Cintec said: "It was like a lethal and massive game of Ker-Plunk - trying to hold everything up, without dislodging anything further."

The airbag technology was originally created by Mr James to help in the safer disposal of improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan.

Read more about this story on Wales Online.

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