The Isle of Druids

Friday 5 June 2009, 16:16

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We're not conquering though, the Romans have already done that. Instead, we come in peace, with a mission to find and record marine species and beam them straight to your living room!

The scenery on the way up through mid wales to the Menai Straits is indescribable.

My words simply won't do it justice, so hop in your car and make the trip sometime: mountains shrouded in mist, lush green valleys, lakes and rivers...

You get the picture; I certainly did as I had to keep pulling over to whip out my camera!

Rather embarrassingy, this is my first ever visit to this beautiful island but so far, it hasn't disappointed.

Spot the two guillemots under the water here:


Next week on Simon King's misson, we'll be focusing on marine life, both above and below the water, so it should be an exciting show!

We're now based at Treaddur Bay on the north west coast, a secluded little bay with a lovely sandy beach and rocky coves filled with crystal clear waters. You don't need to go abroad when the sun is shining on the west coast of Wales.

I went for a dip this morning at 6am and paddled out across the bay. The sea was absolutely pristine with fish beneath me and herons, arctic terns, oyster catchers and gulls occasionally buzzing me, before returning to their nests on the rocky outcrops.


The whole coastline here is awash with migratory birds, from manx shearwaters and gannets to the the slightly more unusal such as the arctic and sandwich terns, grebes and grasshopper warblers which we heard last night in the fields behind our hotel and like so many cleverly-named bird species - they do actually sound like the grasshoppers!



Anglesey tourism website

RSPB - South Stack

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    Comment number 1.

    Hi everyone,

    I have some fantastic underwater footage of the marine life around North Wales, but despite uploading it to the Springwatch site - it's never been shown...

    Is this something the team would be interested in?



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    Comment number 2.

    one of my favourite places in wales is treaddur bay many happy holidays there. South stack one of the best places to watch bird life the walk over to the lighthouse can be a bit hair raising but well worth it, you can get very close to the gulls which nest on the grass around the lighthouse.

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    Comment number 3.

    Hi Justin,

    It may have simply slipped through the net...excuse the pun!

    Could you let me know what footage you have please? species featured etc and I'll see what I can do.



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    Comment number 4.

    Hi Gull,

    Anglesy specific I have;

    Lobsters, Crabs (Edible/Spiny Spider), Congers, Snakelocks/Dahlia/Plumose Anenome's, Spider Crabs, Octopus, Less Spotted and Great Spotted Dogfish (Bull Husse - quite large and not seen too often!) Bib/Polloack etc. Tritonia Hombergi (UK's largest Nuidibranch). I also have clips of Wrasse mating, and snake pipefish, including one caught on film eating!

    All sorts really. I don't know whether you are going to mention ship wrecks while you're on Anglesey, as it has literally hundreds of them - most of which become havens for wildlife - I have footage of two trawlers absolutely covered in Marine life.

    If you're interested let me know!?


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    Comment number 5.

    Simon and the team, welcome to our island home.
    You will not have anywhere near enough time in a week to see all we have to offer, so book a return visit soon. Some quiet out of the way places like Traeth Dulas are barren but beatiful and there are always new birds to be seen. I spend many happy hours there just looking at the awesome sight of so many different species of birds together naturally, not created if you get my drift. Please visit soon

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    Comment number 6.

    Don't forget to mention the South Stack, or spatulate Field Fleawort
    (Tephrosens integriflora subs. maritima)


    and please don't tread on it whilst filming!!


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