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Friday 24 September 2010, 11:24

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A quick round up of some of the other nature & outdoor stories in Wales this week:

Wind power finally arrives on Ramsey Island meaning the wardens and volunteers will no longer have to rely on the old generator for power.

The Millennium Stadium has set itself a target of becoming the UK's first green events venue.

Plans are afoot to restore the Grade II listed swimming lido in Pontypridd after it received a £75,000 grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Sadly a marine conservationist student from Wales has drowned while diving off the coast of Martinique. Thomas Dunkley, 28 had been carrying out research for his Masters degree at Bangor University; looking into the effects of global warming on coral reefs.

Workers have uncovered 100's of single shoes whilst repairing a chimney stack on an old stone 17th century cottage in Snowdonia. The shoes are thought to date from Victorian times and have left the National Trust baffled.

One explanation is the "concealed shoes" phenomenon - an ancient and superstitious practice aimed at guarding a house against bad luck.

Beaches across Wales had a good clean up recently thanks to the 'big beach watch clean up' organised by the Marine Conservation Society.

An unmaned robotoc yacht named Pinta was launched off the Irish Coast earlier his month by a team from Aberystwyth University.

Teams from around the world use on-board sensors and GPS technology to help their boats navigate themselves across some of the most treacherous oceans in the world.

Pinta is only 3m long and not expected to complete the challenge but it will be interesting to see how far she gets.

And finally Welsh naturalist - Iolo Williams is set to star in BBC's Autumnwatch series next month.

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