Mixed weather for the weekend

Friday 18 May 2012, 16:20

Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

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Another weekend is upon us and the weather is best described as mixed. However, some parts of the country will fair better than others and there will be differences in the weather from one day to the next.

Most of the rain is likely tonight. Tomorrow will start cloudy and damp, especially in mid Wales and the north. But the light rain and drizzle will tend to die out during the day. In parts of the south and west it should stay dry and brighten-up with a few scattered showers breaking out.

Top temperatures tomorrow in the brighter south will be around 16 Celsius and with light winds it will feel pleasant in the sunshine. In the cloudier north it will be cooler, nearer 11 to 14 Celsius.

Sunday's chart shows low pressure over France so unsettled weather there and for Iberia and north Africa as well.

Met Office chart for Sunday 20 May

Met Office chart for Sunday 20 May

Sunday is not a bad day overall. I wouldn't rule out a shower but most places will be dry. Plenty of cloud but the north and west should be much brighter with a good deal of sunshine. Highest temperatures will be 13 to 16 Celsius with a light to moderate north to north-easterly breeze.

Next week the signs are the weather will improve. Confidence is high in a more settled spell of weather. Sunny spells and becoming warmer too. This will be a welcome change after all the poor weather we've had since March.

So mixed weather this weekend but hopefully a taste of summer on the way next week. And about time too!

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