Manx shearwater appeal after storm

Wednesday 7 September 2011, 13:18

James McLaren James McLaren

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Members of the public are being asked to contact the RSPCA with information about Manx shearwaters blown off-course during a storm yesterday.

Hundreds of young birds have already been rescued after being blown inland on their migratory flights.

Skomer warden for the Wildlife Trust, Chris Taylor, said: "They are hardy little birds, really well designed for long distance flying.

"The young ones are probably the majority of birds that ended up on Newgale beach. Sadly this big storm, the biggest winds we've had on the island since March time, has hit them. It's really bad timing really.

"What I suspect is a big raft of birds, maybe resting at night, has been on the sea and then they've been caught up in the storm. These sea birds need to be out at sea with the fish... they've got a massive journey to make before more storms come in so hopefully the RSPCA will release them as soon as possible."

BBC Wales News full story.

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