Ghostly sculpture unveiled at Point of Ayr lighthouse

Monday 21 June 2010, 17:05

Laura Chamberlain Laura Chamberlain

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A seven foot metal sculpture has taken up its new position at the Point of Ayr lighthouse and will preside over Talacre beach in north east Wales.

The Keeper sculpture on Talacre beach with Point of Ayr lighthouse in the background. Images courtesy Phil Thomas.

The Keeper on Talacre beach with Point of Ayr lighthouse in the background. Images courtesy Phil Thomas.

Following the many eerie stories of a ghostly apparition seen patrolling the lighthouse, the sculpture - aptly named The Keeper - has now been installed and will watch over the beach from the lighthouse. It will be the first time in nearly 150 years that the lighthouse has been manned. Browse a photo gallery of the lighthouse.

The sculpture is the culmination of a unique art project between the lighthouse owner James McAllister and Flintshire Coastal Rangers, and has taken two years to come to fruition.

The Keeper sculpture looks out from Point of Ayr lighthouse

Local artist Angela Smith was commissioned to create The Keeper, which is made out of hundreds of pieces of highly polished, medical-grade stainless steel pieces that have been welded together. It is hoped that gaps between the pieces of metal will allow the coastal wind to pass through and potentially create ghostly noises.

The Keeper, now manning Point of Ayr lighthouse

Lighthouse owner James McAllister commented: "I often hear stories... that [people have] seen something on the lighthouse, or their dogs have reacted strangely around it, as if they sense something.

"We had a medium investigate and she made the connection to a keeper called Raymond, who may have died of a fever and a broken heart.

"It seems like he was a rather lonely figure, so I'm hoping that his new guest will be company for him and will go some way to soothing his anguish."

Read more about the ghostly sightings and watch a video of rock climber Rob Pritchard painting the lighthouse on our BBC Local North East Wales website.

Read more on the story on the Daily Post website.

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