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Wednesday 13 July 2011, 16:19

Bethan Elfyn Bethan Elfyn

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Releasing their début album Where Else Is Safe But The Road? this month, Cuba Cuba popped into the show on BBC Radio Wales to talk about their past, their present tour, and the future for the band.

They admit that they came up with the name as singer Morgan was studying politics at the time, but it perhaps wasn't so clever when it comes to being found in online search engines.

We talk about Caerphilly, Oxford, parties, and touring, and everything in between, but most of all it's so great to see a band supported by a great label like Walnut Tree Records putting their first body of work together and backing it up with a full UK tour.

Cuba Cuba started as such a young band that their sound has evolved quite a bit since I first heard them, but they've retained the poppy hooks and in tracks like Hong Kong have really moved on leaps and bounds.

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The album is getting some good press too: - 4.5/5 "The album is a thinking man's record, but it's one that the band can be really proud of, and with any justice it may creep on a few 'Best of...' lists by the end of the year." - 4.5/5 "Altogether Where Else Is Safe But The Road? is an absolute triumph". - 9/10 "If the summer fails to bring us the sunshine we all hope for, this superb release will inevitably keep spirits high whatever the weather."

To keep up to date with the band's movements try these links:

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