Three to see: Harbour, Saturday's Kids, Évariste Galois

Friday 20 November 2009, 11:20

Bethan Elfyn Bethan Elfyn

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I've seen Harbour a couple of times now, and it took me a while to get it into my head what they were about. Simple, forceful, hard, but like Gallows they have some sweet underlying tunes.

Saturday's Kids


I'll be watching Saturday's Kids for the first time this week, and I'm looking forward to catching something of the energy of this five-piece Newport band in the live arena. Their recordings and demos are urgent, youthful, and punk.

"Saturday's Kids are warming like a lighter under the heart. Their rabid flailing has toughened and coagulated since the last time I saw them: what then was spirited but unfocussed is now a weighty mix of yowling punk, squally no wave and messy brutality. Even when they sound like four people playing different songs at the same time, they at least make them good songs, and that's all you need." (Joy Collective)

Évariste Galois

Probably the youngest of the three. Evariste Galois aka Matt, Owen, Dave, have a musical maturity beyond their years. Determined, aggressive, loud, rushed, but charming all the same.

Download their demo.

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