Elis James' Pantheon of Heroes on BBC Radio Wales

Thursday 12 January 2012, 16:44

Laura Chamberlain Laura Chamberlain

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Welsh comedian Elis James hosts a brand new comedy show on BBC Radio Wales that examines some of Wales' forgotten historic heroes.

The premise of Elis James' Pantheon of Heroes, which starts tomorrow evening, is that Elis has been given a dubious grant - and a very hypothetical one at that - to populate a garden of heroes with granite statues of figures from Welsh history.

Each show in the series works out which Welsh hero should be immortalised, through a mixture of comedy sketches and stand-up material. Every programme will examine a number of candidates from Welsh history in a given topic area and, at the end, decide which will gain a coveted place in the garden.

Pantheon of Heroes is written by Gareth Gwynn, Elis James and Benjamin Partridge. Co-writers Elis and Ben star alongside fellow comedian Nadia Kamil in each show.

Pantheon of Heroes contributors Ben Partridge, Elis James and Nadia Kamil

Pantheon of Heroes contributors Ben Partridge, Elis James and Nadia Kamil

In the first episode of the series Elis, Ben and Nadia consider legendary Welsh seafarers, including Prince Madoc, Swansea Jack and Jemima Nicholas.

Elis James' Pantheon of Heroes starts on Friday 13 January at 7pm on BBC Radio Wales, with a repeat on Saturday at 6.30pm. And if you miss both of those, you can also catch up on BBC iPlayer.

Plus tune in to the Jamie and Louise show tomorrow morning on Radio Wales as Elis joins the pair to give them an insight in to what the series has in store.

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