Dim Pysgota!

Monday 8 February 2010, 12:03

Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

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I've been bowled over by the standard of pictures submitted to our Flickr group recently.

Truly amazing shots and such a wide range of species, right here in Wales!

These kingfisher pics caught my eye today. Such an exotic looking, native bird which wouldn't look out of place in a tropical rain forest!

How about this for irony? A kingfisher leaving it's 'No Fishing' post, snapped by 'Musical Tone' on Flickr:

Moses Davies snapped this lovely shot of a kingfisher on it's perch:

And finally this one capturing what these birds do best - diving for fish at Llanelli. This one was submitted by 'Happy Snapper 63' on Flickr:

Watch some kingfisher videos


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