Deep low pressure over Ireland

Tuesday 17 April 2012, 10:28

Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

According to the Environment Agency, in south east Wales, the rivers Wye, Usk and Ebbw are at, or near, record low levels following a few months of below average rainfall.

The last 18 months have been the driest in South Wales for 100 years!

All that is set to change this week as we're in for plenty of rain and showers over the next few days. By the end of the week, some places will have had 20 to 40mm, well over an inch of rain.

The chart for today shows a deep low pressure centred over Ireland. This is more typical of what we'd expect to have in autumn rather than spring. Remember - the closer the isobars (lines of equal pressure), the stronger the wind.

Weather chart for Tuesday morning - BBC Weather.

Weather chart for Tuesday morning - BBC Weather.

Most of us had a wet and windy night last night with the rain easing around dawn this morning.

This morning may be dry for a time with a little sunshine but showers will become widespread during the day so enjoy the sunshine if you have some.

The showers will be heavy and blustery later and hail and thunder is also possible. It will also be breezy, especially along the south and west coast with gusts 45 to 50mph, especially on the Pembrokeshire coast.

The rest of the week will continue to be unsettled with showers or longer spells of rain. It will also be breezy at times and feel cool with temperatures below the seasonal average.

It's not ideal for those of you still on your Easter break, hoping for fine weather but at least the rain will help to replenish ground water levels and top up the rivers.

More updates later and you can also follow my weather updates on Twitter.



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