Crossbill country

Tuesday 6 April 2010, 15:46

Martin Aaron Martin Aaron

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These photos have just arrived in our Flickr group and feature a resident but rarely seen species in Wales - crossbill.

Crossbill are a chunky member of the finch family and as the name suggests, have a bill that crosses over at the end.

They are normally found in pine forests, flitting from cone to cone feeding. As you can see from the photos, the male birds are a bright reddish colour whilst the females are a greeny /brown colour.

Female crossbill:

Male crossbill:

Scotland has his own endemic species of crossbill - (found nowhere else in the world) but it's very hard to tell apart from regular crossbills, using just the naked eye.

These birds were snapped by Adrian Foster in Llyn Brenig, Denbighshire.

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