Chilly weather ahead

Monday 22 November 2010, 14:35

Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

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It's feeling chilly at the moment but it's nothing compared to what's heading our way later this week...

We are in for a real taste of winter shortly - with a cold plunge from the Arctic bringing a big drop in temperatures, sharp frosts and wintry showers.

Most of the snow will fall in the north and east of Britain but parts of Wales - mainly the north and west, Gwynedd and Pembrokeshire for example, could see some as well with hail and snow showers moving in off the Irish Sea.

Next weekend will be bitterly cold with a significant wind chill. Mind you, there is an old saying "If ice in November be thick enough to hold a duck, the rest of the winter will be all slush and muck"

In others words, a cold snap in November will be followed by a mild winter. We shall have to wait and see but at the moment, the signs are that once the cold air arrives it will take some shifting and December may get off to cold start.

The latest odds for snow in Cardiff on Christmas day are 6 to 1 but it's far too early to say whether we'll have a white Christmas or not.

In the meantime, dig out the thermals, wrap up any outdoor plants that need protecting and top up the anti-freeze for your car.


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