Caravans, colds and clowns at the Eisteddfod

Thursday 4 August 2011, 16:22

Wynne Evans Wynne Evans

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Well it's official - I have my first Eisteddfod cold, which has been proven is much more devastating for a man than a woman so I require much sympathy and coffee.

I saw into Jeremy Clarkson's nightmare last night when I went to a field with 750 caravans in it. There was a great atmosphere up there and everyone seemed to be in and out of each others' caravans, kids playing football, the smell of sausages filling the air. And, of course, in the land of song there's plenty of singing to be done.

Today my children are on the Maes with me and, as the saying goes, if the kids are happy then I'm happy. So first off we went to the BBC tent and we were met by Cariad the clown. Again I seemed to end up with ridiculous headwear - this time a balloon hat!

Wynne Evans wearing his balloon hat

Wynne Evans wearing his balloon hat

Then it was off to have our picture taken against the green screen and instantly my children and I became Doctor Who's assistants! I have to be honest I had aspirations of becoming the next Doctor, but I'll settle for the assistant. I'm not sure the dress will fit me but I'll give it a go.

I am slightly envious of Sian Lloyd from BBC News as she seems to have spent the whole day being pampered by the students of Yale university, having her nails done and suchlike, but I bite mine so I'm not sure I'll be welcome.

Derek the weather man assures me that tomorrow will be a brighter day here. Still, my wellies will get an airing this afternoon as I am about to take my life in my hands, turn back the clock and go to Maes B the youth field. No matter how hard I try I'm sure I will still look like someone's dad dancing.

Just a quick mention to my lovely crew up here: Gareth our cameraman who is a member of the Gorsedd, Llewela who looks after us stupendously, Aled who seems to carry everything, Ellen our ever-energetic director, and Gizz our soundman whose phone went off during a take yesterday and we will NEVER EVER let him forget it!

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