Live Longer Wales - a social action season

Friday 20 September 2013, 15:52

Adrian Davies Adrian Davies Head of English Language Programmes and Services, BBC Cymru Wales

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Our waistlines are bulging often with alarming consequences. Over half the population of Wales is now classed as overweight with about a quarter in the obese category.

The results of this weight gain are increasing levels of ill health in the population at large with a heightened risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure among the unwelcome medical conditions we suffer.

And there are other consequences too like the problems of impaired mobility or the yo-yo dieting that can follow on from the crippling feeling of having a supposed inadequate body-image.

Live Longer Wales is a social action season in which we try and get at the causes of this weight-gain phenomenon and take a constructive, non-finger-wagging look at what might be done.

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Live Longer Wales season trail

Across radio and television, in Welsh and in English, a host of programmes from our big strands including Wales Today and Good Morning Wales join up with specially commissioned content to take a forensic look at the problem and provide us with more than a few tips as to what solutions might work. There is also a survey that gauges the attitude of the Welsh people on all the main talking points.

And our Interactive and Learning team will be providing back-up information online, from what exercise you should take weekly to how to rustle up a quick, healthy meal instead of a greasy takeaway.

Is it simply a question of getting off your backside, being more active and eating less or is it more complicated than that?

Live Longer Wales is a new season of programmes from BBC Cymru Wales throughout October on TV, radio and online.

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    Comment number 1.

    As the Director of Diabetes UK Cymru I'm delighted to see the BBC addressing the Wales weight problem. There are currently an estimated 350,000 people with pre-diabetes in Wales, and a lifestyle change, helping them to lose a few kilos, will not only reduce the risk of this developing into Type 2 diabetes, it will help them feel years younger! Well done BBC Wales - Diabetes UK fully supports you, and will help anyone who wants to find out more about diabetes or leading a healthier lifestyle. Dai :) [Personal details removed by Moderator]

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    Comment number 2.

    Agree , well done, I am equally delighted , we need to become a healthier and fitter Wales to enjoy long term health and activity - your broadcasts support the work of all those in our health service , by raising awareness and provoking thought - let us all rise to the challenge

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    Comment number 3.

    I found the programme most interesting and also sad.
    A number of years ago myself a teacher of nutrition along with a GP, put together ' The Welsh Centre of Integrated Health and Lifestyle ' based upon The Peckham Experiment a successful local centre for the support of local people offering a range of health related supports sport/time with a doctor/preconception classes and meal planning and food preparation to name but a few.
    We went to Jane Hut the then health minster and was told this project is inspiring and visionary , but there is no money. We were passed on to a civil servant who asked what makes you think people will want what your offering.
    I am deeply sad end as now we are seeing all the problems we could possibly have made an impact upon.
    Those in charge never look at the long term its all about the quick fix. With some foresight and courage the Welsh Assembly could have diverted the epidemic of dietary related disease and ill health they are now having to face. The Welsh people could have had real solutions based on proven methods tried and tested, but no all to little too late.
    The worst is yet too come and it will not be a pretty sight

    Stephanie Lashford Nutritionist
    The Sanford Clinic of Nutritional and Environmental Meicine

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    Comment number 4.

    As an "oldie" I am horrified at what now seems to be the "normal"diet and the lack of knowledge of good basic food. I hope people take notice of your informative program. I have always had to watch my weight and many years ago decided to use my calorie allowance for nutritious healthy food. I liked the look of the Lentil Burgers that the ladies of Merthyr were making, could you please give the recipe details, as I am sure many others besides myself would like to make them.

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    Comment number 5.

    As the parent of an anorexic daughter, I am appalled that Kirsty was deemed to be overweight in Weds programme. She may well have an un healthy diet but is certainly not over weight. Please think further about how these people need help , without putting a girl who weighs an under average weight being stigmatised. This is the sort of programme my daughter would have watched to justify her anorexia. I am 30 mins into the programme and have only had the negative weights of the people who appear to be heavy. Not sure this is the best way to tackle this issue


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