Jet stream shift brings less severe weather

Monday 17 February 2014, 16:18

Derek Brockway Derek Brockway

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Another two Atlantic storms hit Wales last week causing yet more damage and disruption. The Met Office issued a rare red warning last Wednesday, the first of its kind since January 2013.

In north-west Wales the wind reached hurricane force 12, with a gust of 108mph recorded at Aberdaron, a very exposed weather station on the Llyn Peninsula coast.

Fallen tree in Crinow near Narberth by Diana Fisher. Fallen tree in Crinow near Narberth by Diana Fisher.

Last Friday into Saturday the wind in Wales was generally less fierce than on Wednesday, but in the south-east the wind was actually stronger with a gust of 71mph recorded at RAF St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan.

The Valentine's night storm is the last fierce storm we're going to see for a while because we are seeing a slight shift in the position of the jet stream. It is also weaker too with the Atlantic depressions tracking further north.

This means the weather will be less windy and extreme this week but not completely dry, with low pressure bringing further rain and showers at times.

I'm not expecting any amber or red warnings to be issued but despite some dry spells, the ground is still very wet and saturated so relatively small amounts of rain could well lead to further problems, especially in the south which will remain sensitive to further flooding for some time to come.

Find out more about the recent storms which have battered western and central Europe.

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