The temperature in Usk in Monmouthshire exceeded 20 Celsius last Tuesday but it’s going to be a long time before it gets that warm again, probably next spring!

In the last couple of days it has turned noticeably colder with Arctic winds bringing a significant drop in temperature much closer to the seasonal average or below.

Trawsgoed near the Cambrian Mountains was the coldest place in Wales last night when the temperature dropped close to zero with a ground frost but that was the exception with most places well above freezing.

The reason it was so cold there is because the sky stayed clear and the wind was lighter as well allowing the temperature to drop.

On Saturday, north-easterly winds will bring plenty of cloud and a little rain mainly to the east, northeast and southeast of the country.

Further west it will be dry and brighter with the chance of a little sunshine in parts of Pembrokeshire, the Llyn Peninsula and around Tremadog Bay.

On Sunday, there is risk of rain but it's difficult say exactly how much rain depending on the movement of a front and low pressure over southeast England.

The forecast could change so stayed tuned to BBC Wales Today, Radio Wales and Radio Cymru for updates. Some dry weather is likely as well and the wind will be lighter.

Next week will be dry and quiet for a while with some sunshine and ground frost but the signs are it will turn much more unsettled on Wednesday with low pressure bringing a spell of heavy rain and stronger winds.


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  • Comment number 1. Posted by ashleyhr

    on 25 Oct 2013 14:47

    Is Derek Brockway on holiday or possibly unwell?

    I'm surprised he hasn't blogged about the 100 year anniversary of the tornado that caused deaths near Methyr Tydfil on Monday 27 October 1913. Or indeed the storm that is likely to affect Wales and England this coming Monday.

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