Blast from the past

Archaeology seems to be having something of a resurgence of late, at least in the eyes of the media anyway - with televised digs popping up on every TV channel including the BBC.

Dr Alice Roberts (of BBC Coast fame) will be presenting Digging For Britain on BBC Two at 9pm on Fridays from 9 September. In the new series she'll be following a year of British archaeology, joining up the results of digs and investigations the length of the country

Here's an exciting news story about a new dig on an old Neolithic tomb, which could prove (once and for all) a conclusive link between the blue stone quarrying site in Wales and Stonehenge.

It is widely believed that the blue stones found at Stonehenge came from the quarrying site at Carn Menyn in the Preselli Hills although some archaeologists believe that glacial movement could have left some blue stones on Salisbury Plain, closer to the site.

This week we've also seen what could turn out to be the oldest cave art in Britain, being found in a cave on Gower. Find out more in this video clip from BBC News online. Experts say the faint scratchings of a speared reindeer are more than 12,000 years old!

I studied archaeology many moons ago, so the subject has always fascinated me. I love the fact that something as significant and rare as this can still be found 'by chance' in this day and age when technology rules .


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