Having recently got married, I now have a mound of photographs 'arranged' in haphazard piles on my kitchen table. I can't quite bring myself to painstakingly, er I mean, lovingly arrange them all in the assorted albums and frames that have formed a Tetris-style stack in the living room. Patience is sadly not one of my virtues.

However, my photo-related task pales into insignificance when you consider the gargantuan feat that the Photomarathon UK team are currently undertaking. They're in the midst of setting up the exhibition at The Cardiff Story that will display all, and I mean all, of the photographs taken by the hundreds of competitors from this year's UK event that took place in Cardiff last month.

Checking in during the Photomarathon registration process at the Wales Millennium Centre

Studying the Photomarathon 2011 handbook

The entrants get ready for the start of Photomarathon UK 2011 back in June

Now, maths was never my strong point, but if there were 400 happy snappers who took part in this year's competition, all of whom took one photograph in each of the 12 different competition categories... phew, that's 4,800 photographs in total. (There could have been a nasty Jim-from-the-Apprentice-style mathematical faux pas there.)

These are a few of the images captured on the day in the different categories. Be warned though, these aren't necessarily winning shots as it's all being kept very tight-lipped until the winners are unveiled on Friday evening.

Super Powers by Adam Chard

Entry Number / Work of Art by Catherine Blyth

Drama by Lucy Chippindale

Element by Carwyn Jones

The Photomarathon exhibition opens to the public on Saturday 30 July and runs until Saturday 20 August. For opening times check The Cardiff Story website.

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