Seal tackles a salmon in the River Neath

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We've had some great photos sent in since we started this blog but every now and again we get something really special.

Mike Davies has been a regular contributor to the website over the years and this morning at around 11am, photographed a seal in the River Neath taking on what appears to be a good sized salmon.

You'd normally expect to witness this kind of scene out in the ocean so I wonder what has prompted this seal to venture so far up stream?

Perhaps he's discovered that there are easier and better pickings to be had in the river upstream, especially if the salmon are spawning which normally occurs between Oct-Dec but can be as late as February in larger rivers.

Fisherman everywhere will be either be drooling or sobbing quietly somewhere.

All photos by Mike Davies:

Here's what Mike had to say:

"As you can see in the one photo he caught me by surprise. In all my 65 years I have never seen a seal in the River Neath in Neath before".

"This one had a struggle to eat the fish. The seal, approx 4ft in length then swam out with the out going tide. I was very lucky to have captured these shots".


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