Wrexham Mess at the Eisteddfod

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Well it's the morning after the night before. The concert went well and I didn't fluff my Welsh words - phew!

To give a quick run down of the concert, I danced with the soprano, then I danced with the conductor. I seemed to make a zillion costume changes (including a change into my moustachioed alter ego) and my new red boots made their debut. You'll have to watch the TV show to see those!

On my way to the sound check I bumped into the Eisteddfod chair and couldn't resist getting a quick picture, but apparently I'm not allowed to tell anyone...

After a quick sleep I was back on the Maes to continue filming the programme for BBC Two. We started with a cookery demonstration with fellow Carmarthener Nerys Howells, and the director insisted that I wear the full chef's outfit for maximum embarrassment.

We cooked local Chirk hot smoked salmon with an avocado salsa - totally delicious. This was followed by Wrexham mess which bore an uncanny resemblance to Eton mess, but I kept schtum.

Then onto the learners' tent and to a new idea of learning Welsh whilst hula hooping. Well after that all I can really say is my Welsh has a way to go but the hoola hooping fitness video will be out for Christmas.

Tonight I take my first steps into the caravan field. From what I've been told it's a bit wild. This may be the last you hear of me...

For live footage and all the latest news, results and features from the National Eisteddfod visit the BBC's website.

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