Latest flood and weekend weather

We've had a respite from the heavy rain today but there is more to come this evening.

The Met Office has issued a warning for southern counties from Swansea across to Cardiff, Monmouthshire and The Valleys.

Another 15 to 20 mm of rain is likely with 30 to 40 mm on higher ground and given that the ground is already saturated, there is a risk of more flooding to come.

Most of the rain recently has fallen in the south, west and Mid Wales. At Pant Mawr on the River Wye over 120 mm has fallen in the last 48 hours (just under 5 inches) but it's not been wet everywhere.

Hawarden in Flintshire has only had 5 mm as most of the rain there falls on the mountains, leaving the north coast and the north east drier.

Currently there are 17 flood alerts in force and 4 flood warnings. The flood-line number 0845 988 1188 or take a look at the environment agency website.

Friday morning will start cloudy with some rain across the country but generally drier in the Marches and north east. During the day, the weather will gradually brighten-up, turning drier.

There will be a few scattered showers but the sun will break through in places and visibility will improve too. Top temperatures 10 Celsius with a south-westerly breeze.

As for the weekend, I'm afraid there's more rain, drizzle and strong winds on the way.

On Saturday the heaviest rain will be in the north west and it should be drier in the south and east. It will feel mild but windy with a strong to gale force south-westerly wind.

On Sunday the rain will spread south east - some of it heavy with a risk of more flooding but it will clear up later.

That's it for the time being.



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