A Welsh fashion designer who encapsulates the hard-working ethos that Lord Sugar demands of his candidates is set to make an appearance on tonight's episode of The Apprentice.

Emma Griffiths, originally from Llandaff in Cardiff, is now based in London and has recently launched her fashion label e.g. Emma has worked with prestigious fashion desigenrs such as the late Alexander McQueen and Boudicca, and was invited to take part in this fashion-inspired episode.

It's week five of the hit show, and the candidates enter the world of fashion. Lord Sugar ups the ante when he challenges the teams to open pop-up shops at one of Europe's largest shopping centres, the Trafford Centre in Manchester.

Apprentice candidate Stella English models in a shop window. Photo: BBC/Talkback

The teams must select ranges of clothing from some of London's most up-and-coming designers, and are tasked with charming the fashionistas to allow them to represent their brand at retail.

The Apprentice is on BBC One Wales at 9pm tonight, Wednesday 3 November. Read an article on Emma on the WalesOnline website.

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