Feeling chilly but remaining dry

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It's feeling chilly out there now, but it's going to turn even colder over the next couple of days.

We're not in for another big freeze, so no heavy snow! But temperatures are going to drop and there will be some frost about too.

The good news is that I can promise plenty of dry weather for a change!

Today, temperatures reached 7 Celsius in Cardiff, which is about right for this time of year but it's much colder, over in Scandinavia where it's minus 11 Celsius in Oslo and some of that colder air is heading our way...courtesy of the north-easterly winds.

Cloud amounts will vary each day but apart from the odd spot of light rain in places and a few snow flakes it will stay dry.

The sun will break through at times with the best of the sunshine being in parts of the north and west. In the shelter of the mountains and where skies are clear at night, you can expect some frost.

The dry weather looks set to continue over the weekend and into next week thanks to high pressure and the winds will stay light.

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