Cliff Benson from the Sea Trust - the marine arm of the Wildlife Trust South and West Wales has been in touch with some exciting news - they've recently filmed a pod of Risso's dolphins off the Pembrokeshire coast including mothers and calves.

Image courtesy of Rich Crossen, the Sea Trust:

The Sea Trust are a local volunteer group whose maxim is "Local people looking after their own marine wildlife and environment".

As part of their activities, the trust survey cetaceans around the Pembrokeshire coast as well as conducting surveys from aboard the 'Stena Europe' car ferry that sails between Fishguard and Rosslare.

Cliff reports: "We've been seeing an amazing amount of Risso's from the ferry along with some from the shore at Strumble Head.

Last week we came across a maternal group of Risso's Dolphins with very young calves which we managed to photograph and film as they passed us by".

For more information about cetacean and marine 'mega fauna' such as seals and sunfish visit the whales in wales blog

Keep an eye out for the Sea Trust on this year's Autumnwatch series.



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