BBC Radio Wales Music Day: 19 April 2013

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2013 was the fourth year of Radio Wales Music Day, and I'm so thrilled to say the idea, the concept and the event keeps on growing.

It's essentially where specialist shows like mine and new music is celebrated, and allowed to infiltrate the mainstream daytime radio. This year six under-the-radar acts played in primetime shows, live on air. No pressure!

The preparation for the big event took months. I was up and around the country gathering stories for various shows. I went to Charlotte Church's home and home studio, discussing everything from Leveson to crazy costumes.

I joined Paul Lewis, an avid music fan in a rather big shed that housed thousands of records, and I went to Swansea to find out about the Pili Pala Festival, more about that again sometime.

A few acts that Adam Walton and I have been championing came in, played live at the BBC Studios and were sensational. The atmosphere all day was really exciting. I think I was tuned in to BBC Radio Wales for a record number of hours last Friday, and avidly following comments on Twitter feeds from people enjoying the day.

Radio Wales Music Day has in the past supported acts like Paper Aeroplanes, Georgia Ruth, Kids in Glass Houses, The Last Republic, Trwbador, Cut Ribbons and many more fine bands around various locations in Wales.

Here are two wonderful and unique voices to introduce to you from this year's event. I thought it would be nice to hear a little bit from them about what something like BBC Radio Wales Music Day can mean to new musicians. The camaraderie and fellowship between such diverse acts was a wonderful sight to behold. Here's Caroline Harrison, and Casi Wyn to tell you more.

Caroline Harrison on performing on Radio Wales Music Day.

Casi Wyn speaks to BBC Wales online about performing on 2013 Radio Wales Music Day.

The following acts also took part in this year's Radio Wales Music Day, and are starting to make a name for themselves.

A Girl Called Ruth from Conway was featured on the BBC Wales Music Blog by James McLaren, which gave her her first break. Two singles of the week followed on BBC Radio Wales, and finally a live session. Her breezy, charming, adolescent pop should be a huge hit. London-based Ruth was telling me about the great community of artists she's met through the London Welsh sessions recently.

Climbing Trees are from all over the south Wales valleys. I've covered them before as Introducing Artists of the Month recently on this blog, and their majestic, multi-harmony layers had the audience lapping it up. I'm really excited about their début album coming out soon.

Peasant's King came to prominence late last year – it was only the end of their first year as a band when they hit the jackpot with a coveted slot on BBC Radio One's BBC Introducing daytime playlist.

They showed plenty of determination, resolve and gumption as they told me about knocking on doors and busking to raise enough money to record their first demo. It's a tough climb to the top but initiative like this will see them through.

Ogmore by sea's Dan Bettridge had everyone in stitches talking about sweet and salty popcorn with Louise Elliot. At 19, with a Radio 2 Dermot O'Leary session under his belt, he has certainly hit the ground running with his début EP. Dan also has an extraordinary story, saying that hypnotherapy has helped him to perform his music live. Wow!

For more videos and audio clips, check out the highlights of BBC Radio Wales Music Day on the Radio Wales website. Do let us know in the comments how we can make it bigger and better next year.

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