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Swathes is Matty Webber, co-founder of Wrexham's most on the new money music nights, Don't Die Just Yet.

In that guise, he brings some of the UK's most talked about new talent to Central Station (Late of the Pier, Big Pink, Metronomy + many more). In his creative guise, he's been making post dance music that reverberates out of the foundry where Krautrock and industrial music

I hear Neu!, Einst├╝rzende Neubauten, Suicide's first album, the dark side of Stereolab and The Horrors. Above and beyond the reference points I hear a music that seethes with ambition and a real exploratory and frontier spirit. Matty's smelting sounds you just don't hear too frequently up here.

The NME piece - in their Radar section, where they focus on the most interesting really new artists they've stumbled upon - is a great validation of Matty's work so far. An NME buzz is also, even in these fractured years, a great foot-up onto a platform where your music might get noticed by people who can truly help you.

All this on the back of recent NME mentions for Wrexham's similarly forward-thinking Gallops.

Strange and awe-inspiring things are happening in Wrexham. Bands like Unseen Archives and The Fag Machine are also expanding the town's musical lexicon. And Polly Mackey and the Pleasure Principle have been turning industry heads (assuming there is still an industry) for
months now. But these are stories for another day, I think.

Good, fuzzed-up times ahead, I think.

Check out Swathes at myspace.com/swathes


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