Saying goodbye to Ukraine, Gary Numan and 2011

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Well I'm home from Ukraine and straight into my home studio. How on earth is it colder here than in Kiev? I'm re-mixing a track for the band and good friends Fear Factory. They are releasing a new album next year and are using this remix as a bonus track. They're great guys and an amazing band; I am very pleased to have my work used. It's Ironic that they did a cover of Cars with Gary Numan a few years back (featuring Gary), and yet I'm not sure if he knows I'm friends with them.

Jayce Lewis with Fear Factory

Touring with Gary and co has been both amazing and fascinating. Amazing because for someone who is the pioneer for what I and almost everyone else does within modern music, he is one of the most humble and nicest guys you could ever wish to meet (let alone share the stage with); his crew were outstanding and and his band Ade, Tim, Rich, (Bass) Tim and Dave are amazing and talented. It's a shame that all great parties come to an end... until next time I guess.

Being on the road is like you're separated from society, with no gauge of time or surroundings (except the bus) it's almost a time capsule: your body clock goes way out and you adapt to living this way very quickly. I had some new crew out on the road with me for December, some have never toured, or even been on a tour bus. It was interesting to see it for the first time and how fast they adapt to the new way living for a week or two. There are things they did that I used to do and somehow don't any more - like venturing around the new city you have arrived in etcetera - I really should do that more.

First thing to be done in January is to film the new video to track, Electric Medicine. It's been months of planning and story boarding; a close friend of mine by the name of Drew recently came out on the road with us has been busy piecing it all together. I love this new method of video making: get an idea, develop it, get a crew and film. Filming Passes II was done in a similar way and it was very enjoyable. Although it was done on a very cheap SD video camera, I think the vibe and styling masked it up to a point.

Jayce Lewis on stage in Ukraine

2012 is going to be a year of touring and getting the second album finished and released, which is not easy. Doing this 'one man' writing everything business is a double-edged sword and creatively testing at times! 2011 has been the stepping stone for our UK and Europe campaign. It feels like we have finally landed in the UK thanks to Gary, Ade and John (EMI). It took a little adapting as it's very different here from the Asian market, but nonetheless it's an awesome vibe and we are very excited! 2012 here we come!

Jayce - out!

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