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North East Wales reports on the 120th anniversary of the visit of Queen Elizabeth of Roumania to Llandudno. She described Llandudno as "as a beautiful haven of peace" and several streets in the town are already named in her honour. Read the story.

North West Wales has pulled together its collection of galleries. Collections range from fun-filled holiday camp snapshots to photographs of the short-lived Rhyl-Wallasey Hovercraft from the 1960s. Read the story.

Mid Wales reports on an exhibition celebrating 100 years of the Girl Guides. Collated by Brecknock Museum along with Girlguiding Breconshire, local groups from the area have contributed to this fascinating exhibition. Read the story.

South East Wales reports on an exciting online virtual museum that showcases the city's 15th century ship. Visitors to the virtual environment can "walk" around the ship's underwater remains and see it in its medieval landscape. Read the story.

South West Wales' gallery of photographs of historic buildings continues to grow. Take a look at the gallery.

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