Trouble brewing over the Atlantic

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This morning's heavy rain has now cleared leaving a dry and brighter afternoon with some sunshine but more trouble is brewing over the Atlantic! Bringing another dose of wet and very windy weather tomorrow. 20 to 50mm of rain is expected, one to two inches, and given the ground is saturated I wouldn't rule out some flooding.

The heavy/torrential rain will be accompanied by strong to severe gale force southerly winds. The strongest winds and gales are likely after midnight, tomorrow morning and into the early afternoon. Gusts 50 to 60mph are likely in places and could reach 80mph on very exposed coasts and hills in the south and west - strong enough to bring down a few trees and cause minor structural damage.

Some travel disruption is likely as well.

The Met Office has issued yellow and amber warnings for heavy rain and gales. The colour yellow means be aware; amber means be prepared.

Tomorrow night the rain will clear and the wind will ease. Friday and Saturday will be much drier and calmer with sunshine and cold enough overnight for ground frost. However, low pressure may bring another dose of heavy rain and strong winds on Saturday night into Sunday.

Yesterday most of Wales was warmer than Madrid in Spain. The temperature there 12 Celsius while Cardiff reached 14 Celsius and Bodelwyddan in Denbighshire 15 Celsius. But it's going to be a while before we see temperatures that high again!

Tomorrow 12 or 13 Celsius is likely but next week will turn colder. North to north-easterly winds will bring a drop temperature with a risk of frost and icy patches. A little sleet/snow is likely too, mainly on higher ground, the hills and mountains.

At the moment it looks like December will start off on the cold side. There is no sign yet of a major snowfall like we had in 2010 but the winter woolies will come in handy!

In the meantime, batten down the hatches tomorrow and take extra care if you are travelling.

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