The big chill

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The big freeze is about to return with Arctic winds bringing a big drop in temperature, ice and some significant snow fall tonight and tomorrow.

The north and west and the south west are likely to be worst hit. The snow will be in the form of showers, so amounts of snow will vary from place to place. 2 to 5cm, 1 to 2 inches is expected quite widely.

Fields of snow by Dr Murray.

Some places can expect 5 to 10cm, 2 to 4 inches while the deepest snow is likely in Snowdonia with 20cm, 8 inches, of fresh snow possible by 6am on Friday.

Drifting is likely too with strong winds and blizzards on the mountains, and it will feel bitterly cold with a significant wind-chill making it feel more like -5 to -10 degrees Celsius.

On Saturday more wintry weather is expected. Low pressure will bring a spell of more general snow. 5 to 10cm, 2 to 4 inches, is expected widely, with the possibility of 20 to 25cm in places, 8 to 12 inches.

It would be worth keeping a very close eye on the forecast over the next couple of days for updates. Here is the latest weather warning from the Met Office.

Next week will continue very cold with some sunshine and a risk of snow showers at times and some very low night-time temperatures are likely too, -10 to -15 inland with severe frosts.

Follow the snow as it tracks across the UK with thisTwitter map

It's time to dig out the thermals and snow shoes!


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