Siesta on the A470

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An extremely busy day on the Maes for me and perhaps a sign of things to come.

It's not very often I need a little siesta during worktime but the lovely Caryl who is shipping the presenters up and down the A470 (Huw Llywelyn Davies, Sara Gibson and Hywel Gwynfryn) was waiting for me at the BBC after my radio programme and didn't mind at all when I asked her if I could have a quick nap on the way up to Ebbw Vale at 2.30pm.

Huw Stephens was playing some cool tracks on Radio One but sorry Huw, I fell asleep just south of Merthyr, but boy did I feel ready for an afternoon of filming at the Eisteddfod.

Two hours of radio and then filming at the Eisteddfod is obviously taking its toll! But hey, I'm having fun and earning many plaudits from the Maes. People have been so kind in praise of my work on S4C's Mwy o'r Maes. So glad you're all enjoying the programme.

And in case you're wondering what presenters talk about amongst themselvs on a 35 minute journey from Cardiff to Ebbw Vale I'll take you in to the back seat of our seven-seater vehicle. Sorry, nothing glamorous - no gossip. But blogs. Hywel is writing a blog in Welsh so cue a conversation about blogging. Did you know he's on Facebook? I didn't. Anyway, seeing as we're both fairly new to the world of the blog, we both agreed that we've found it all rather exciting.

So back to today. It was a pleasure to catch up with Helen Price from Blackwood. I've spoke to all four finalists now in the Dysgwr y Flwyddyn (Learner of the Year) and no way I am going to say who I think will win; they have all been so charming and great in front of camera. But I have to complement Helen on her accent. Her inspiration to learn Welsh came via her grandfather from Senghennydd who she remembers using a few words. She started learning just a couple of years ago, is now fluent and uses it on a daily basis in her job. What is truly remarkable is that she also has a terrific accent.

You would never have thought she came from a non-Welsh speaking background and, as I so eloquently put it to her in tonight's interview: "Ti ddim yn siarad fel Gwentie!" ("You don't talk like a Gwentie".

No offence to any Gwenties out there of course. She enjoyed the compliment and I wished her all the very best. Good luck to Dai, Shirley, Helen and Julia.

We're doing the radio show live tomorrow from the Maes - pop along and see us. That's if I'm awake of course!

Nos da.


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