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A few weeks back I was having a moan on Twitter that the electronic scene in Wales wasn't as healthy and verdant as it was back a decade or so ago when a raft of artists were releasing records on Cardiff's Plastic Raygun label to some acclaim.

I've been thoroughly chastened now, though. A new compilation is out this month from a "new music collective" called Electroneg. "We're some geeks who are dedicated to unearthing electronic/leftfield sounds from Wales and the rest of the known universe," they say.

Electroneg 1000 is their début album and has an impressive tracklisting that gives the lie to the notion that there's a dearth of bleeps and beats coming out of the principality at the moment.

"We are passionate about electronic and leftfield music in all its forms," they say, "from Merzbow to Justice. We wanted this compilation to be an open and unsnobby representation of some of the good things currently coming out of Wales. Which is why you'll hear electronica flirting outrageously with bass music, almost-pop, noisense and many other genres we've just made up."

If you reading the weekly indie inkies back in the mid-1990s you'll be aware of the work of μ-Ziq (pronounced Mu-Ziq), who were helmed by Mike Paradinas. It was indie-friendly dance music and one of their members was bassist Frank Naughton, who mastered Electroneg 1000 (after μ-Ziq Naughton went on to be in Cardiff-based indie blokes Rocket Goldstar who once created a 12 hour single).

The tracklisting of Electroneg 1000 is as follows:

Released through all the modern channels of distribution (including physically, praise the lord), Electroneg 1000 can also be sampled on Bandcamp.

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