Starlings swoop into Llanelli wetlands

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I was only blogging about this last week and wondering when we were going to see more starling 'murmurations' happening in Wales when this News online story appeared about the Llanelli Wetland Centre.

The reserve believe that around 100,000 starlings have recently arrived to roost there over winter. Safety in numbers, helps keep the birds safe from predators such as owls and peregrines and the way the reed beds have been cut make an ideal habitat for roosting birds.

I recently saw a few thousand starlings flying over Kenfig Reserve, so wonder if these birds were making their way over to Llanelli?

Apparently if you want to see the starlings in action then the best time to visit is around 3.30pm each day.

Find out more about this story and watch a video clip on News online.

I was just searching online for information about crows doing a similar thing (as I have a huge flock living opposite my house that put on a spectacular show at dawn and dusk) when I stumbled across this jaw dropping video clip of starlings flying over the Shannon River in Ireland. It is probably the best footage I have ever seen of this phenomenon.

Incidentally, a large flock of crows however is called a 'murder', not so glamorous but equally impressive if you've ever seen them in action.

So, have you spotted any large starling flocks yet? If so, let me know and leave a comment below and we can try and work out where the best ones are currently happening in Wales.

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