Lostprophets The Betrayed review round-up

Q Magazine
"...as an exercise in skin-shedding and score-settling The Betrayed is brutally effective."

BBC Music
"It sweats hunger and ambition, and while it's not flawless, it's a success on their own, aggressively populist terms: 11 songs of big riffs and earworm choruses that reach over the moshpit to the stands beyond."

3Ks out of 5
"A backs against the wall album."

"The Betrayed plays to their strengths in that it sounds more like the work of blue-quiffed CGI animated warriors than real people with wrinkles. And on those terms, its melodramatic punk-prog-pop works."

"With no outside influences to force these leek-lovin' lads' song-writing hand, they've delivered an album that, although not as polished as previous efforts... is purely Lostprophets; and the real sound of progress, for sure."

"Yet in chasing hits, Lostprophets neuter any genuine bite their music may have had with slick, histrionic choruses that render them as impotent as the dozens of other MTV-worshipping derivatives."

"Still present is a populist edge that, while occasionally somewhat saccharine, shakes out some great choruses."

"The album marches through catchy, dancy hooks mixed with full on hard rock, a difficult art to master, as proved by many a failed pop/rock band currently struggling in the UK scene. There's even the odd ballad adding favourably to the album's diversity."

Disorder magazine
"It takes time but when you've separated this album into the three tiers it eventually inhabits, it's the lower echelons, of being trapped in an emotional dungeon with the bones of the past, that make them and the corresponding songs the most interesting, audacious and decisive of their 10 year career."

"The Betrayed isn't a compromise for Lostprophets - it's an exercise in catering for the masses while leaving their own integrity firmly in tact, and it's a job well done at that."

Drowned In Sound
"The Betrayed doesn't reveal anything new about Lostprophets, and if we look to the future then it might be worthwhile for the band to continue to rearrange the furniture a little rather than attempt a markedly different makeover. Consolidation has never sounded so good."

"Boasting a fresh take on their radio friendly hooks and mixture of emotional power and mosh ready riffs, The Betrayed is a solid, if not progressive, move for the band and will no doubt give their hordes of fans a whole new raft of favourite songs."

Look magazine
"A riotous mix of Rock and Pop."

The Guardian
"...there are intimations of an edgier band still waiting to emerge, but anaemically populist anthem-dom remains their preferred modus operandi, with slick melodies and epic choruses struggling to conceal an absence of soul and ideas."

Financial Times
"Yet for all the Sturm und Drang... The Betrayed turns out to be a vigorous exercise in beefy riffs, hooky choruses and stadium-grabbing anthems."

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