Firemen rescue feral stallion

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Flickr regular Keith O'Brien has sent in these fantastic shots of a feral pony being rescued from Ardudwy Leat, near Trawsfynydd.

This feral pony had no way of escaping the conduit.

The Ardudwy Leat is a conduit which captures water from the headwaters of streams in the Eden basin and is roughly 10km long. Here is Keith's report:

Firemen begin their rescue attempt using shields for protection.

"Ostracized from the rest of the herd since February, this poor feral pony found himself in the Ardudwy Leat, near Trawsfynydd, North Wales (having probably jumped over one of the bridges) with no means of escape."

Rescuing a wild pony requires plenty of man power.

"He'd been there for at least a day but fortunately for him, the Fire Service came to his aid and did a great job in getting him out. He was soon back grazing with just a few minor grazes from his ordeal."

Firemen, using a thick rope manage to haul the horse up and out of the water to freedom.

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