Tornado for Pembrokeshire?

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A few people have been in touch to say that a tornado struck Neyland in Pembrokeshire last night, Thursday 27 May.

At around 9.40pm a loud roar was heard and a rush of wind in the Wood Lane/Honeyborough Grove areas of the town.

Mrs Dawn Delahaye says "the sky went very dark. There was heavy rain, the wind suddenly picked-up followed by a severe gust which lasted for a few seconds.

"The wind hit the house, stripping tiles off the roof and caused more damage to my neighbours roof across the road. It was very frightening."

It is difficult to say whether the gust of wind was due to a tornado or not without further evidence, but I wouldn't rule it out completely. A trough moved through Pembrokeshire yesterday evening bringing heavy showers.

The air was unstable with cumulonimbus clouds, which tower upwards, and these can sometimes bring heavy rain, hail, thunder and sudden gusts of wind. If conditions are right in the atmosphere, these clouds can produce a funnel cloud. If the funnel cloud touches the land it is called a tornado. If it touches the sea, it is called a waterspout.

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