Illegal immigrants fly into in Wales

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Sometimes it must be nice being a bird. You can come and go as you like, no passport required and no border controls to negotiate - just the odd plane to avoid!

The following have all been photographed in South Wales recently. Who needs to go on holiday to see exotic bird life when you can go to your nearest wetlands area instead.

It may not be as warm but the colours are just as vivid.

The gadwall breeds in Northern Europe, Asia and Central North America and was photographed by Tony Llewellyn:

The spoonbill occurs in North East Africa, Europe, Asia and Japan and was snapped, dancing on water by Moses Davies:

A coscoroba swan - the smallest member of the swan family flew in from South America and was photographed by Tony Llewellyn:

And finally the most exotic of them all - a flamingo by Tony Llewellyn:

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