September sunshine

Hope you all had a nice weekend and made the most of the sunshine. The butterflies in my garden certainly did. I've never seen so many!

There seems to be an abundance lot of painted ladies and red admirals flying around currently busily fighting for territory with the wasps, bees and hover flies and our Flickr group have been out in force snapping them.

Here's one I snapped on my mobile whilst walking down a quiet lane yesterday afternoon:

I'm not sure what the plant was in the hedgerow but it was covered with insects of all shapes and sizes. It looked like some sort of ivy which had flowered?

We've had some great photos in this summer. This shot of a comical greylag goose made me chuckle earlier and it's not everyday you see a Mediterranean gull.

This shot of a Mediterranean gull on the wing by pentaxboyo is a corker.

Nice article here on how to attract butterflies to your garden if you're struggling.



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