Monty the osprey returns to Cors Dyfi

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Monty the male osprey at the Dyfi Osprey Project has recently returned to his his old nest site following a winter spent on the west coast of Africa.

But his former partner Nora has not put in an appearance yet. He and Nora have raised four chicks at the Cors Dyfi reserve.

Nora may have returned to Rutland Waters in England where she was born or simply not have survived the treacherous migration back to Wales but staff haven't given up hope yet.

Warden Emyr Evans is hopeful that Monty and Nora's older first chick Einion will also return to the area if only to scout for a suitable habitat for himself and a partner next year.

But Mr Evans said all their eyes are upwards to see if Nora will find her way home and pair up again.

He said: "The wind is favouring migratory birds now so she could be on her way."

A new unringed female named Elin arrived on 5 April but Monty doesn't seem too interested in her and has been seen 'mantling' - displaying defensive behaviour on the nest.

Monty a male osprey has returned to the Dyfi Opsrey Project in 2013 with a new female.

The other new girl in town is Seren who is currently sharing the nest site with Monty and clearly impressed with his fishing skills as he's been regularly spotted catching mullet and flounder in the estuary.

It's early days yet and who knows what will happen if Nora turns up late but the signs look good as a new avian relationship blossoms at the Cors Dyfi Reserve.

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