Welsh art at y 'Lle Celf'

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It's a tough act to follow the fantastic architectural spectacle that greeted visitors to the Ebbw Vale National Eisteddfod's 'Lle Celf' (Art Space) in 2010. But the Lle Celf at Wrexham, which opened offically last night, rises to the challenge, even if its home on the maes this year is a more modest offering.

People examining photographs in the Lle Celf (Art space).

The Art work is once again of an excellent standard and Lle Celf is a wonderful platform to show the best of Welsh art. This year there's a focus on the past which is fitting as the Eisteddfod celebrates its 150th anniversary.

The main exhibition is a partnership between the Eisteddfod, the National Library and the Arts Council of Wales. It's a celebration of the renowned photographer and local 'Brymbo Boy', Geoff Charles's work. Many will remember the iconic photos he took at many Eisteddfodau over the years and it's fantastic to see the faces of yesteryear enjoying the festival in these captivating still images. It only proves that although fashions might change-the Eisteddfod is always in style!

Browse a collection of photographs taken at Y Lle Celf on the BBC Wales Arts website.

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