Christmas weather forecast

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The cold weather is set to continue for the next couple of days but over Christmas it should turn less cold.

Temperatures are rising a little and that means a white Christmas is unlikely for most of us although there will be patches of snow on the ground...

Last night was very cold. Bernard Morris from Rhydargaeau recorded -9 Celsius on his garden thermometer!

And tonight its going to freeze over again with icy patches on untreated roads. Some pavements and pathways very slippery as well.

Low pressure centred over Scotland is driving our weather at the moment. The air is very cold and from the Arctic and as it passes over the sea it becomes unstable forming large clouds and wintry showers.

The wind direction is crucial as to where the showers end up. Today we've had a Westerly wind so the showers have moved in from the Irish sea into Mid and North Wales. A few showers moved up the Bristol Channel as well clipping the Vale of Glamorgan.

Tonight a few more wintry showers are likely in parts of north and west Wales, falling as snow in places. Elsewhere dry and clear skies with a few mist and fog patches forming.

There will be another widespread frost. Lowest temperatures 0 to minus 4 Celsius but lower than that in a few spots.

Tomorrow another frosty, icy start and a few mist and fog patches. These will slowly lift leaving plenty of blue skies and sunshine.

However, in the South it will cloud over later in the afternoon with rain in Pembrokeshire by dusk. Top temperatures 2 to 5 Celsius but less cold on the South coast with a breeze off the sea.

Tomorrow night a short spell of rain will move across the country. Some snow too on high ground and to low levels in the North and East.

Christmas Eve another cold day. Some sunshine and just the odd shower.

Christmas Day some sunshine for a time but clouding over with a few showers. These will be mainly rain with some snow confined to the higher ground.

Boxing Day looks milder and windier with some rain.

So enjoy the cold, winter weather but be careful not to slip on the ice and good luck to all the Boxing Day swimmers out there!


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