Re-enactment of the storming of Conwy Castle scrapped

Today's Daily Post carries an interesting story on the scrapping of a re-enactment of the English storming Conwy Castle.

The event, organised by the town's Chamber of Commerce, was due to take place on Saturday 4 June to mark the 610th anniversary of the English forces' successful taking of the stronghold.

However, Cadw, the division of the Welsh Assembly responsible for heritage have opposed the event because it was "out-of-line" with their own version of events.

Last month, there was a successful re-enactment of the taking of Conwy Castle by Owain Glyndwr.

The decision to cancel the event seems to have puzzled some of the town's residents.

According to the newspaper article, one local businessman is quoted as saying: "I have heard some people were very upset by the thought of the English retaking the castle.

"I was told that although it is historically correct, it doesn't need to be celebrated. It's a shame as I think it's political correctness gone mad, I'm staggered."

Read the full story on the Daily Post's website.


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