I'm sitting at my desk in the X-Ray office, typing away writing this blog on the computer. I'm about to email it to the Interactive and Learning department where it will be uploaded and hopefully, accessed by keen X-Ray viewers!

Emailing and going online are the trappings of modern life that we take for granted and rely on increasingly heavily. In fact, it's hard to imagine how we'd manage without them. What about not being able to make a simple phone call? Unthinkable!

Filming with people in Tregarth near Bangor really brought it home how much we depend on these services - not just to keep in touch, but for work, for businesses and for young people who are studying. And for one person I met, access to those communication tools could literally mean life or death.

People in that small, rural village were left without landlines or internet services for six weeks. Six long weeks! And there isn't a great mobile signal there either.

They'd been desperately trying to get BT Openreach to come and fix the problem, but they were just getting nowhere. At the end of their tether, they got in touch with X-Ray. We've been on to the company and even ended up taking a little trip down to their offices. With a megaphone. After all, it's good to talk...

X-Ray is on tonight at 7.30pm on BBC One Wales.

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