Remember last April?

Remember last April? It was gorgeous - the warmest in Wales for a century! On this day a year ago, temperatures soared as high as 23 Celsius in Ceredigion but it's a different story today.

The highest temperature recorded was just 12 Celsius at Milford Haven and in Cardiff.

Some places have enjoyed sunshine today but there has also been some wet weather with heavy rain and showers.

There have also been torrential downpours in places too with hail, thunder and even a little snow on the mountains.

Over the weekend, low pressure will trigger more heavy showers with hail and thunder but I can promise some dry weather and sunshine as well.

It will feel cool and breezy at times and inland cold enough at night for a touch of frost, especially in rural areas.

Next week, low pressure will bring more wind and rain followed by showers. The rest of April looks set to remain unsettled and that goes for the start of May too.

In England a lot more rain is needed to bring the drought to an end .



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