Tallest tree in Wales

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Fans of BBC One's Countryfile series will have recently seen the sad demise of Wales' tallest and joint tallest tree in Britain. Unfortunately it had to be felled due to safety concerns.

Don't despair though, as it's neighbour has recently taken the new title! The new tallest tree at Lake Vyrnwy measures 60.62 metres - not quite as tall as its 63.79 metres high predecessor but not far off.

Forestry Comission Wales Local Area Manager Mike Whitley said, ""It was a sad moment seeing the previous tallest tree in Wales being felled."

"However, it took only two days to confirm its successor, which is another Douglas fir that happens to be growing right next to the previous tree, so we didn't have to look very far."

BBC Countryfile presenter, Julia Bradbury and the former tallest tree in Wales.

The new record holder was confirmed by David Alderman, Director of the Tree Register of the British Isles (TROBI).

David said, "This tree is one of only seven in Wales believed to be at or around the 60m mark. At 60.62m, it is currently the tallest tree in Wales, with the second tallest being a 60.5m grand fir at Leighton Hall, near Welshpool."

It took around an hour to climb and measure the tree using the same, approved method as had previously been used and is only the third tree over 60 metres ever to be climbed in Wales.

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