Raven conversations

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Newborough Forest on Anglesey served up a treat as we looked into one of the largest raven roosts in Europe as part of this year's Autumnwatch.

Just being at the roost is a pretty amazing experience but it's the sound that gets you. As the ravens come into the roost the noise just keeps building. Chris Watson, the wildlife sound recordist, was on hand to record this unique soundscape using the variety of special microphones he has at his disposal.

Listening to the recordings you can pick out a variety of vocalisations, from 'qourks', to 'aarks'. It's amazing to listen in on the conversations and information exchanges happening all around you.


Ravens are incredibly wary animals and super intelligent which makes for it being a tricky task to film them. This is probably because they have had many years of persecution so are wary of people and large dark objects such as the camera pointing at them!

Jamie McPherson had to take great steps to film the ravens feeding on the beach and even using a hide they were aware of even the slightest of movement from the camera including even the changes in angle and to focus!

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