Weather outlook for the next few days

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Well, it's been a cold and frosty start for some of us today but it will turn brighter throughout the day.

The early mist and frost soon clears (a cloudier picture further south) but it will be another largely dry, day.

Sunny spells in the north will become widespread so a brighter afternoon for all of us.

Not particularly warm though with top temperatures between 6 and 7 Celsius but lighter winds should make it feel quite pleasant in the sun.

Another cold night to come followed by some sunshine on Friday morning. It will be bright and dry further south but will cloud over from the north - thickening during the day.

There's a small risk of drizzle anywhere north of Powys and Gwynedd later on. It will be fairly breezy and still chilly though, with top temperatures between 6 and 9 Celsius.

And that's the pattern for the next few days...Saturday's looking bright with a small risk of a wintry shower but it's generally dry air.

More sunshine on the way for Sunday with high pressure in charge, so that means brighter days but cold nights

So not a bad weekend


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