Tea bar found. Shoes shaken. And to be honest, for the first time in years of working in TV, I was shaking when I tackled my first piece to camera in Welsh this afternoon.

A crowd had gathered on the Maes to see me deliver my crafted opening piece to camera for tonight's show. I'd learnt my lines. It was flowing when I was on my way to meet the crew. I had to get it right just for the crowd of mums, dads, grans and kids that had recognised me from Scrum V and Sport Wales. I heard one lovely lady say: "Oh there he is - my favourite boy on the telly!"

I would love to be sat here and report that it was a 'one take wonder', but sadly it was more like take nine or 10. Still, we got there. Cue a photo session with the mums and grans and a few autographs for younger fans.

I spent the afternoon talking to people in the learners' tent, Maes D, so I haven't had much time to see the competitions. But I can hear what's happening. And as ever, it's a pleasure to talk to my colleague and friend Roy Noble who had the very tough job of calling Bingo numbers this afternoon! We had a great laugh about it and, in 12 years of knowing and working with Roy, it was the first time we'd ever spoken Welsh to each other.

I had a wonderful first day at the Eisteddfod. I'm tired, but the people of Ebbw Vale have made me feel very welcome and I've spoken more Welsh in a day that I have done in the past month. See you tomorrow!

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