What another fantastic experience catching up with my troop from the DVLA.

We were all so excited to be back together. I could clearly see some fantastic successes with most of the team but there had also been some setbacks.

Tara and Tracy

I know life isn't always sunshine and daisies and as we learn from Kirsty's turbulent 12 months, we have no idea what's around the corner. Obstacles are thrown our way and our world can be turned upside down. Thankfully, the outcome can still be positive and experiences help us to learn and be stronger.

But there are also lifestyle factors that we are in complete control of, and as I soon discovered from Tracy, many things hadn't changed.

I knew I had to do more than just show her how to exercise and eat. She needed to change her lifestyle. And when I revealed what I was going to do with her, I think she was shocked!

For lasting success with your lifestyle you need to look at everything around you: your support network, your mindset, your movement, nutrition choices, how you manage stress and your sleep.

Following our time together, Tracy did revert back to her old ways. Not completely, but enough to halt her progress towards her goals. I needed to take some dramatic steps and say some firm words to make her realise that she will seriously shorten her life and ability to do what she wants if she continues her unhealthy lifestyle.

What we did together was fun, educational and hopefully inspirational. I wanted to be able to help Tracy grab the opportunity to make a difference in her future forever and I am hopeful for the Tracy's future.

I really hope this programme has helped to inspire many to take action and get the right help. I'd welcome anyone to get in touch with their stories.

The Great Welsh Diet Experiment: One Year On is on Monday 4 August, 8.30pm, BBC One Wales.

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  • Comment number 1. Posted by pebbles

    on 6 Aug 2014 11:18

    FANTASTIC program tara is such a inspiration i would love to work with her to get to better health im trying to recover from anorexia and it would be great to show people it can be done the healthy way and NOT sit in a hospital being fed junk junk junk just to gain weight
    love to show people it can be done also you will feel better about yourself and then more of a chance of staying healthy after
    Taras positivity and energy should be sold in jars for you to buy :)

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